Average Jill EP

by Average Jill

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released October 22, 2017


all rights reserved



Average Jill Santa Cruz, California

Formerly The Cherry Bombs, Average Jill originated in 2015 after a few smart ladies responded to a Craiglist ad. The ad enlisted women who played an instrument, did not take themselves too seriously, and were interested in being in the first all-female rock band in Santa Cruz. Average Jill performs both unique covers and original music and is into feminism, social justice, and fun. ... more

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Track Name: Crane
Fury rules and so I write
Forced to think of my life
Test results came back today
Looks as though I’ve been betrayed

And I’m as low as I’ve ever been
I think I’ll start all over again

Passing though I see the crane
Just today a man was slain
Went to work and lost his life
perspective makes me realize

I’m not lying dead in a harness on the ground
Doesn’t have to be about me this time around

I didn’t die in a crane today
I didn’t die on the street today
Didn’t break everyone’s heart today
I didn’t die in a crane today

Now we are two who will never go home
He is dead and I am all alone

Walk the streets in silence now
Darkness falls two hours south
I found a piece of my heart today
Brought by the stranger who went away

We have purpose and we will survive
What we get is to know - its all about being alive

I didn’t die in a crane today
I didn’t lay dead in the street today
Didn’t break everyone’s heart today
I didn’t die in a crane today

And I was as low as I’d ever been
But there is something really cool about starting all over again
Track Name: Nerdy Boy
some other girls like to hang out at the mall,
I'd rather go up, to Boarskyr to fight Baal
Nerdy boy
A rogue in bridge fort tents
avoiding zentrum hits
We'll travel round the realm just you and me nerdy boy

Met in phalendon then rode to Neverwinter
At the cemetery found a necromancer
Nerdy Boy
Let me roll to attack
we'll hold those zombies back
We'll clear that city out just you and me nerdy boy

Then we saw Lord Daygolt, he thanked us for our work
And sent us to the shrine of luck to talk to sister Jarnell
She told us of the Harper's, and the necromancer Tsernoth
And could we travel east to find an ancient book of spells
Which Tsernoth stole a century ago
To create an army of undead

Now we're off, to Iriabor on a quest
floating down the river Chionthar is the best
Nerdy Boy
OK let's go through hell
to find Bo Gentle's spells
We'll face all those red wizards,
just you and me
We'll evade their magic blizzards
Just you and me
oh we'll travel round the realm,
just you and me nerdy boy

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